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06 October 2018

Associated Weavers Vivendi carpet collection expanded

The incredibly impressive and luxurious Vivendi carpet collection by Associated Weavers just got bigger and better, with the exciting launch of;

With 3 beautiful new carpet ranges to choose from in the Vivendi carpet collection, all utilising the famously resilient yet soft iVivo yarn which is exclusive Associated Weavers. This give the Vivendi Vigour, Ardour and Verve not only a soft finish that feels beautiful underfoot, but also makes the Vivendi carpets easy to maintain, and even bleach cleanable.

Designed for heavy domestic use, the brand new Vivendi Vigour, Ardour and Verve can be installed anywhere in your home, even in high traffic areas such as hallways, stairs and landings.

For that extra piece of mind, the new Vivendi Vigour, Ardour and Verve by Associated Weavers come with an impressive 25 year stain and wear warranty.

Dubbed as a "Stress Free" yarn, the family friendly Vivendi carpet collection will maintain its beautiful appearance for many years thanks to the quality yarn.

The Vivendi Vigour, Vivendi Ardour and Vivendi Verve are all available in Associated Weavers famously practical multi-width options, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m and 5m, meaning less waste and no need for joins.

Utilising the fitter friendly fusion bac backing, the Vivendi Verve, Vivendi Ardour and Vivendi Vigour is supple and doesn't scuff skirting boards.

Get your samples of the fantastic Vivendi Ardour, Vivendi Vigour and Vivendi Verve carpets now.