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23 March 2022

Green Lawn All Year Long

With Spring round the corner, there cannot be a better time to revamp the look of your lawn and garden by ordering from our great artificial grass collection. 

We are offering FREE, that's right FREE delivery on all artificial grass orders! 

Artificial grass are extremely easy to install with little to no maintenance required. No maintenance means there is no need for messy and noisy lawnmowers, as your lawn will stay green and organized for many years to come. 

Fake grass are machine designed to resemble the look of real grass without breaking the bank. 

We have a great selection of budget and high end fake/ artificial grass, with most of them suitable to be installed in both in and outdoors settings. 

Take our latest and best selling artificial grass for example. The Eden 40mm is one of the thickest pile fake grass we have on sale which comes with pre drilled drainage holes for better water flow on rainy days. 

The Eden 40mm fake grass requires no sand pits and can be easily installed on a flat surface by your fitter or can even be turned into a DIY project. 

This amazing 40mm artificial grass comes in multiple width options of 2, 4, and 5 meters, this way you can minimise any potential wastage that may occur and order the right size for your project. 

If you are in the market for budget fake grass, another great example is our Berlin 26mm artificial grass. 

This amazing artificial grass is affordable, hard wearing, with a total pile hight of 26mm and all the benefits of our regular and high end artificial grass collection. 

The Berlin 26mm artificial grass can be ordered in two width options of 2 and 4 meters, it requires NO messy sand pits and comes with pre drilled drainage holes.

Similar to most artificial grass we have on sale, The Berlin 26mm fake grass is UV stabilised and is pet and child friendly, even at this low price point. 

Now is the perfect time to order your artificial/ fake grass and we will cover the delivery FREE of charge! ( UK Delivery) 

As always, be sure to buy our artificial grass accessories to get the best results possible.