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17 March 2022

Kersaint Cobb

Kersaint Cobb offers a variety of stylish carpets that are suitable for any home and taste. Kersaint Cobbs carpets range from Natural wool, Sisal, Jute, Seagrass and Coir with each range containing multiple carpets and multiple colourways. 

The Kersaint Cobbs carpet/colours are inspired by locations and unique materials found around the globe, such as beaches of India, forest of Asia, deserts of Africa and south Africa and Hills of New Zealand. 

Colours and shades used in Kersaint Cobbs carpets are inspired by natural surrounding of these locations. You can really travel the world from the comfort of your own home. 

There are 25 individual carpets within Kersaint Cobbs Wool collections, each with their own unique design approach. 

These are as follows, Aurora, Capella, Cascade, Celeste, Country Herbs, Couture, Eden, Elegance, Exquisite, Grandeur, Hera, Huxley Stripe, Inspired Directions, Luna, Odyssey, Pampas Berber Loop, Pampas Boucle, Pampas Nordic, Pampas Nordic Elite, Pampas Nordic Multistrip, Pampas Nordic Stripe, Piccolo, South Pacific, Textured Repeat and finally Wool Voyage

Take the Celeste Carpet for example. This amazing carpet by Kersaint Cobb is available to order in 6 subtle colours of Sweet Vanilla Cel110, Pearl Shine Cel111, Pure Honey Cel112, Autumn Fog Cel113, Soft Nickel Cel114 and Battleship Grey. 

This gorgeous carpet is made from 100% Wool fibre, only available in 4 meter width option and is suitable for heavy domestic applications. 

The Celeste carpet is an ideal choice to be installed in bedrooms and lounge areas, is moth resistant and suitable to be installed over underfloor heating. 

Kersaint Cobb carpets are also environmentally friendly and their seagrass carpets are a prime example of this. 

Take the Basketweave carpet for example which is made from 100% seagrass fibre which is naturally sourced. This amazing carpet has a thin layer of latex for backing, and you can admire the colour tone changing throughout it's life as it ages gracefully. 

This carpet has a lovely woven construction, is antic static, available in 4 meter width only and suitable to be installed in bedrooms, lounge areas and offices. 

The unique woven construction of this carpet will revamp the look of your home and bring a sense of welcoming and openness to your interior. 

If you are in the market for stairs runners, then Kersaint Cobb is the right choice for you, as they have a vast collection of colourful/ stripy stairs runners suitable for any taste and home. 

Kersaint Cobb Morocco runners are made from 100% Sisal, a naturally sourced fibre which is hard wearing and will last for many years to come. 

There are 14 individual colours to choose from within their Morocco runner range, with the colours Meknes, Casablanca and Azrou being top best sellers. 

We have some of the most competitive prices compared to other retailers and have priced our Kersaint Cobb carpets as keen as possible for our customer. 

We urge our customer to place their orders online on our website where they can checkout securely. 

As always sampling are available subject to availability. Please ensure to buy our underlays and carpet accessories for the ultimate look.