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24 May 2019

The best Wood flooring on the market!

Some of the high quality ranges such as V4 Wood Flooring, Kersaint Cobb and Brooks Bro's which will offer engineered hard wood that is reliable and sturdy for any room in your home, available at Carpets And More at a fraction of the RRP!

A hard wood flooring from V4 Wood Flooring, will offer various different types of fitting mechanisms, such as a click system, stick down or even tongue and groove making for a great DIY job or it can be easily fitted with the universal fitting systems available.

Herringbone and parquet flooring is making a major comeback - the V4 Wood Flooring ZigZag is a great example of flooring that is robust as it would be stuck down to the floor and fitted together with the Tongue & Groove method, making for a great choice in a lounge with the beautiful rustic oak finish and authentic look and feel, posing as real hard wood with the qualities of engineered wood.

The V4 Wood Flooring collections also come with a choice of lacquered or oiled finishing on the surface of the planks, making for a long lasting and comfortable flooring, such as the V4 Wood Flooring Home collection, which comes with a beautiful lacquered finish, making the surface a long lasting high quality choice of wood flooring for many years to come.

The best way to protect your wood flooring would be to follow This Guide made by V4 Wood Flooring, to protect any flooring you have installed from any of the V4 Wood Flooring ranges.

It will guide you in the best way to clean the flooring without damaging the beautiful shades, and maintaining the high quality feeling of the authentic notches and grooves on each plank.

The V4 Wood Flooring has modern ranges that bring any home decor to life with the quality fitting style in herringbone designs, making any room stand out with the brilliant new textures.