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22 May 2020

Laminate vs Wood flooring for your home

Both laminate and wood flooring are very popular choices for homeowners everywhere, but how do you know which to choose? We'll help you run through some of the benefits of each of these products in this piece.


The first thing you'll notice when you look at hardwood vs laminate flooring is the cost difference. Laminate is generally considerably cheaper than wood flooring due to its cheaper materials and construction cost. Laminate is much cheaper to install than hardwood flooring, with many products such as the Lifestyle Floors Chelsea simply clicking together.


Hardwood is an incredibly resilient material. Although it is predisposed to scuffing and marking, its ability to be sanded down or refinished makes it a long lasting product - even in spite of heavy wear and tear. Many people are also of the opinion that these occasional scuffs add character to the floor, and are not necessarily a flaw. As well as larger planks, hardwood can also be sourced in a herringbone form such as the Levana herringbone

Laminate in contrast is much more scratch resistant, and will generally stay looking the same during its life. It is designed to avoid warping or staining, and so is often considered a safe, predictable choice that is unlikely to be damaged easily. Its modular construction also makes it easy to replace specific boards if they do end up damaged. 


Hardwood is generally considered to create a more attractive flooring. It's for this reason most hardwood floors are found in areas like dining rooms and bedrooms. While areas like kitchens and bathrooms are more suited to the practical laminate type of flooring. If fitting in an area like a bathroom however, it is important to make sure your laminate is suitable for wet, humid environments.

Hopefully this short article gives you some idea of the benefits on each type of flooring in different circumstances. You can view the full collection of both laminate and wood flooring on the Carpets And More website.